Lets do something to save the elephants ... before it's too late

Sometimes a problem seems so complex that we don't know where to start in addressing it.   But stopping the ivory trade and the elephant massacres which feed it needs immediate action.  So lets do something !  

NiNi is a campaign to eliminate the use of animal ivory in jewelry, fine arts and luxury brands.  Sponsored by Dutch jewelry brand Couleurs de G√©raldine, NiNi's focus is on Conservation, Advocacy, Substitution and Education.  

None of us can solve the problem by ourselves, and every little bit helps.  Join the efforts to save this marvel of nature - through NiNi and the other organizations working hard to protect elephants and their habitats.



Nuvory is ivory which grows on trees. Compassionate, sustainable and completely natural, it is a perfect substitute for animal ivory. 


Jewelry and Luxury Brands 

In this day and age, there is no excuse for using animal ivory.  The fashion and luxury industries can act as global leaders in stopping the slaughter.