The actions necessary to eliminate the trade in animal ivory and to save the elephants must take place on many different levels and in many different locations.  From park rangers crawling through the bush to investigative journalists tracing ivory trafficking routes; from diplomats and elected leaders working to enact meaningful legislation to police and customs officials enforcing existing laws; from soldiers fighting extremist groups who finance themselves by slaughtering elephants for their tusks to top models who shun animal ivory and lead consumers by their example.    NiNi aims to work every angle on every level to encourage influencers and leaders in style, fashion, politics and culture to help eliminate the animal ivory trade.  

Over the past few decades, ‘style leaders’ have had a huge impact on social norms, and when mobilized, the fashion and luxury industries has been very effective in public education and influence - think of the anti-fur movements of the 1980s/90s.  NiNi will work to harness this powerful force to lobby against the trade in animal ivory and to promote a responsible alternative to killing elephants (and walrus) for their tusks.  

We are actively recruiting Ambassadors and Ambassadrices of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Leaders and followers together, we will help NiNi to tell the whole story about the bloody ivory trade.  Whether a celebrity in China, a parliamentarian in Paris or a model in Milan, we will reach out and encourage you to advocate to eliminate animal ivory and to protect elephants.    We realize that advocacy works both ways … someone with 1 million twitter followers can help shape opinions about an issue … but we won’t forget the 1 million who give that person the microphone.   So whether you are a movie star or soccer mom, a president or a playground monitor, a supermodel or a supermarket worker – we want your help because you can make a difference.  

Together, we will encourage our leaders and influencers to use their powerful voices to speak out to save elephants.  

Among the things we’d like to hear them say:

‘The most beautiful ivory grows on trees !’ and

'Only elephants need elephant tusks !’