'Just add your light to the sum of all light'


Even if you are thousands of miles away from the nearest wild elephant, there are plenty of ways you can help ... as a consumer, as a citizen, as a traveler, as a concerned member of your community.  

People are the greatest threat to elephants – starting with consumers who buy or own animal ivory. 

Put your money where your mouth is ...

Boycott Ivory

First and foremost, do not buy anything containing animal ivory.  Do not accept gifts containing animal ivory.  Do not shop at establishments which sell animal ivory, even if it is ‘legal’.  No trophies.  No mammoth.  No 'antique'.

Buy Nuvory

When you buy Nuvory jewelry, you are making an indirect contribution to conservation groups.  This is because Couleurs de Géraldine has pledged at least 10% of profits on Nuvory jewelry sales to conservation and community groups working to protect elephants and their habitats.  And people are sure to want to talk when you wear works of wearable art made from the amazing material – a perfect chance to be a NiNi Advocate and share the story.  Please see CdG's offerings in Nuvory here, including the dedicated NiNi collection.  


There are so many great individuals and organizations working hard to shut down the ivory trade and to save elephants - many of them are deserving of your support.  Pick one (or more) and give generously. (NiNi does not raise money directly from the public, but does donate a portion of its sales to conservation and community groups.)  

Lend your name - Share your voice

Be Vocal

Contact leaders in your community … government, spiritual, commercial, opinion, fashion, trend, official or unofficial – and ask them what more they could be doing to end the ivory trade. 

Add a Photo

Once you've got your Nuvory jewelry, submit a photo of yourself to the NiNi gallery.  At that point, you will be an official 'NiNi Advocate'. 

Tell Someone

Tell your friends and relatives:

  • never to buy animal ivory
  • never to accept animal ivory as a gift
  • not to patronize stores which sell     ivory in any form
  • about NiNi and other efforts to protect elephants
  • about Nuvory jewelry and how it  helps elephants, rainforests, local communities and artists

Take Action

Sponsor a private sale

Gather friends and family for a private showing of Nuvory jewelry – an opportunity to meet the designer and to see the latest models and to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces not available in stores.  A great way to celebrate a special occasion.  And Couleurs de Geraldine will donate part of the proceeds from your sale to the charity of your choice. 

Go see the elephants

Communities living near wild elephants  generally view them as a threat or a pot-ential feast.  Able to eat an entire harvest in a night, a subsistence farmer doesn't respond to an elephant sighting with the same excitement as tourist.  Moreover, land use conflicts over the boundaries of elephant reserves are rife across Africa.  Conservationists now realize that local communities must see direct benefits from living near elephants, rather than simply fearing a lost crop.  Developing elephant tourism - along with the jobs and economic opportunities which come with it  -  is an easy and sustainable way to encourage populations to protect elephants, while promoting responsible development of elephant habitats.   So, go on an elephant photo safari - NiNi has lots of ideas about great places to see elephants in the wild.  Buy a ticket !

Be a NiNi Advocate

Talk it up.  Wear the jewelry.  Post your photo. Tell the kids.  Share the petition.  Bug your friends. Boycott animal ivory and shame people who wear it.  Shun shops or galleries which sell animal ivory and scold people who own it.  Explain how poaching and consumer demand have brought elephant populations to the brink.   Do whatever you can … Every little bit helps.