NiNi is an initiative of Couleurs de Géraldine and its founder Géraldine van Amerom.  

NiNi partners with conservation and community organizations working to protect elephants and their habitats.

NiNi partners with opinion and style leaders who can help advocate against the ivory trade and educate worldwide consumers about the murderous impact of using ivory.

NiNi partners with consumers in boycotting animal ivory, whether 'trophy', 'mammoth' or 'antique' while providing a perfect alternative material for use in fashion called 'Nuvory'.

NiNi  partners with everyone who shows their support for its goals, whether on social media, by uploading their photos to the NiNi Gallery, by buying Nuvory jewelry or otherwise adding their voices to those saying 'no more animal ivory'. 


Elephants and Jewelry ... how did that
happen ? 


Wondering how a Dutch jewelry designer ended up involved in ivory activism?   The story began when CdG founder Géraldine van Amerom was a small child.  …. 
“As a little girl, I was captivated by some antique ivory ornaments my parents received as gifts when they returned from work in Africa.  I loved the feel, the subtle differences in color, the cool smoothness.  But when I learned that people killed elephants for this material, I was horrified.  I made a child’s promise never to do anything to harm an elephant.  No ivory for me.  Fast forward a few years and imagine how happy I was to discover that ivory really does ‘grow on trees’.” 

“I was searching for natural, environmentally sound materials which were dense, hard and durable (like ivory is) but which could be carved and dyed as well.  I started experimenting with nut ivory and discovered that this fruit of the South American rainforests -  which we call Nuvory - is a perfect substitute for animal ivory.”  

At that point, everything fell into place. Couleurs de Géraldine began to feature Nuvory in its earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets and an anti-ivory campaign became a perfect vehicle for CdG to make a contribution above and beyond designing beautiful jewelry.  The NiNi campaign is the result. 


Partnership Opportunities


If you or your organization would like to join with CdG in sponsoring NiNi or its activities, please contact ‘’.  If your organization is a conservation or community group active in protecting elephants and their habitats and would like to be considered for financial or other support from CdG or NiNi, please contact ‘’.