About Couleurs de Géraldine

Couleurs de Géraldine - or ‘CdG’ - is the Dutch luxury jewelry brand behind the NiNi campaign.  Combining top materials with outstanding craftsmanship, CdG creates jewelry which is contemporary as well as classic. Today, Géraldine ’s works are handmade by artists in Italy and are worn around the world as a statement of elegance and style.  Her pieces combine the privilege of owning unique works of lasting value with the pleasure of wearable, stylish jewelry. But it wasn’t always that easy.  

It all began as an artistic hobby when Franco-Dutch designer Géraldine van Amerom and her family returned to Europe following expat assignments in Australia and Asia.  Her unique hand-made jewelry soon began to attract attention.  Unable to keep up with demand, she launched what became a worldwide search for a partner to help translate her designs into reality. The search led to craftsmen and manufacturers in Bali, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, France, Israel, USA and The Netherlands.  None of them seemed right … too industrial, too commercial, differing artistic views, discomforting conditions for workers or simply the lack of a ‘click’.  

Finally, hidden in a small medieval town in the hills of central Italy, she met a team of talented artists led by Myriam and Pietro. Sharing an artistic vision and equally demanding in terms of craftsmanship, integrity and quality …. a creative partnership began.  Now, CdG jewelry is handmade by master Italian craftsmen who mix ancient traditions with best modern practices and Géraldine travels regularly to Umbria in her quest to create perfect combinations of form, material and color.  


“At CdG, we feel incredibly lucky to be able to share our art and our passion for jewelry.  But we are also painfully aware of those for whom jewelry must seem an unimaginable luxury.  That’s why we're committed to producing your jewelry in ateliers rather than factories, sharing our profits with deserving conservation and community groups, and promoting the use of sustainable materials such as Nuvory.”  


Couleurs de Géraldine offers a range of custom made and limited edition works in silver, vermeil and 9, 14 or 18 karat gold. Nuvory is featured in the earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets of CdG’s Prima Amore, In Vogue, Hidden Treasures and Wings collections.

Coming Soon:  Géraldine is currently working on an elephant collection dedicated to the NiNi campaign.  

To learn more about CdG or to view its collections, please see www.cdgstyle.com or CouleursdeGeraldine on Facebook.