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What does NiNi stand for ?  
NiNi is an abbreviation for 'Nut Ivory is Not Ivory' - the central theme of Couleurs de Géraldine's campaign to eliminate animal ivory in high end jewelry, fine arts and luxury brands.

What is the point?  What are NiNi’s goals?  
NiNi aims to help curb demand for animal ivory by educating consumers and by promoting Nuvory as a natural, sustainable alternative.  NiNi will join in local and international efforts to reduce supply by supporting anti-poaching activities, interdiction and market regulation. 

What does NiNi want to do?  
NiNi has four main components: 

  • Promote Nuvory: This sustainable,compassionate, natural alternative can curb demand for ivory and save elephants

  • Support conservation:  Assist community groups, conservation and anti-poaching organizations working to protect elephants and preserve their habitats

  • Engage in advocacy:  Encourage opinion and style leaders to work to eliminate animal ivory trade

  • Promote consumer education:  Better inform consumers worldwide about the murderous impact of using animal ivory

What is this substitute for animal ivory which NiNi recommends?  

What is Nuvory?  
Nut Ivory is the fruit of Phytelephas Aequatorialis, the South American Elephant Palm.  Couleurs de Géraldine calls this marvelous material ‘Nuvory’.  Nuvory is featured in CdG’s core collections – In Vogue, Simply Chic, Prima Amore and Wings - as a compassionate, sustainable natural alternative to animal ivory.

What is the difference between Nut Ivory and Nuvory?
Think Coca-Cola vs. Coke.  Or ‘jewellery’ vs ‘jewelry’. 

How can I learn more about the ivory trade?
To learn more about the ivory trade and efforts to stop it, visit ‘NiNi’ on FB or see www.nuvory.org/education.  

How does wearing Nuvory jewelry help?  What difference does it make?   Wearing Nuvory jewelry creates an unusual ‘win-win-win’ situation.  In addition to being very beautiful, your purchase of jewelry made from Nuvory contributes in the following ways: 

-    You provide financial support to organizations active in elephant
             conservation and protection
-    You create economic opportunities for artisans in Italy and South America
-    You encourage protection of forest ecosystems in South America
-    You join a community of consumers concerned about the murderous ivory
-    You undercut the notion that wearing ivory is a status symbol
-    You support NiNi’s educational, advocacy and networking activities
-    You help curb demand for animal ivory
-    And because every little bit counts, you help save an elephant !

How does buying Nuvory jewelry support conservation groups?   
By purchasing Nuvory jewelry you are making an indirect contribution to conservation groups.  This is because CdG has pledged to donate at least 10% of profits on Nuvory jewelry sales to conservation and community groups working to protect elephants and their habitats.  

What is NiNi's relationship to other anti-ivory campaigns, such as KnotOnMyPlanet ?  
We wholeheartedly support them.  Our primary goal is to save elephants.  We all agree that “Only Elephants need Elephant Tusks”.   KnotOnMyPlanet’s efforts to mobilize the fashion industry against the animal ivory trade are perfectly complementary to NiNi’s approach.  We both strongly support conservation and anti-poaching activities as well as efforts to educate consumers about the bloody truth behind the ivory trade.  

What is the main difference between NiNi and KnotOnMyPlanet ?  Why bother with NiNi when there are so many other organizations doing good work to save the elephants ?  
NiNi and KnotOnMyPlanet are perfectly complementary campaigns.  Both efforts support conservation and anti-poaching activities and educate/advocate to save the elephants.  The main difference is NiNi’s ‘ivory alternative’ component - working to reduce end-user demand for animal ivory.   Thus, along with educating consumers about the ivory trade and advocating to completely outlaw it, NiNi tries to reduce demand by featuring Nuvory as a natural, sustainable and compassionate alternative to animal ivory.  

What is the biggest threat to elephants today ?  
People.  Poachers, traffickers - as well as regular people like you and me who are consumers and create the demand which fuels the entire disgusting business.  The biggest markets for animal ivory today are in Asia, North America and Europe.  NiNi wants to raise awareness that the actions we take – 1000s of miles from the nearest wild elephant – can still make a difference.

Who is behind NiNi?  
NiNi is an initiative of Couleurs de Géraldine, a luxury jewelry brand based in The Netherlands.  But ultimately, it is energized and animated by the people working to eliminate the ivory trade.  For more information, please see www.cdgstyle.com.  

What is ‘CdG’?
Well, in addition to being an abbreviation for Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, ‘CdG’ stands for ‘Couleurs de Géraldine’, a luxury jewelry brand based in The Netherlands.   

How did CdG get involved in the first place?  
Everything fell into place when Géraldine started working with Nut Ivory and discovered it was a great substitute for animal ivory.  At that point, Nuvory and the anti-ivory campaign became the perfect vehicle for CdG to make a contribution above and beyond designing beautiful jewelry. 

How can I learn more?
Go to www.nuvory.com or ‘NiNi’ on Facebook.

How can I get involved?  
You can start by never buying animal ivory, accepting it as a gift or shopping where it is sold.  You can help to grow the community by following NiNi on social media and by telling your friends what you are doing to suppor the fight to save elephants.  And by buying jewelry made with Nuvory – and then uploading your photo to the NiNi gallery. Click the 'Get Involved' tab to learn more about how to get involved in NiNi !

Where can I buy Nuvory jewelry?  
You can purchase Nuvory jewelry via Couleurs de Géraldine’s web boutique or at any of CdG’s retail locations (see www.cdgstyle.com/wheretobuy). 

How does Nuvory differ from animal ivory?  
In addition to the fact that nothing dies when you harvest Nuvory and that its use is completely sustainable … some other distinctions relate to size (if an object is bigger than a tennis ball, it’s not made from Nuvory), grain (Nuvory does not have the same fine lines as animal ivory) and coloring (Nuvory is more versatile than ivory because it can be dyed to produce a range of colors). Remember, despite all the aesthetic similarities:  Nut Ivory is NOT Ivory.  

How can I prove that my jewelry includes Nuvory, not animal ivory?  
Every purchaser of a work by CdG will receive a Certificate of Authenticity identifying the materials in the jewelry.  Moreover, owners of Nuvory jewelry will receive a wallet sized ‘NiNi card’ confirming that the material in the jewelry is Nuvory, and not animal ivory.