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Couleurs de Geraldine launches NiNi Collection and doubles down on support for the anti-ivory campaign.  

As part of its work to #ChokeTheIvoryTrade and to promote Nuvory, Couleurs de Geraldine has designed a new NiNi collection! Sneak a peek at the NiNi lookbook here.  

Special Initiative:   Through Earth Day 2017, CdG has pledged 100% of profits on NiNi chokers and bracelets to conservation and community groups working to save elephants and their habitats.

Remember ... the most beautiful ivory grows on trees



Dutch Jewelry Brand Couleurs de Géraldine launches NiNi – a campaign to eradicate ivory in jewelry, fine art and luxury brands.


Here’s the official announcement, full of information about NiNi, Nuvory, elephants and ivory, CdG and what you can do to help.


NiNi is live !
Here's the official press release.  


 News about Elephants and the Ivory Trade


Great Elephant Census

The Great Elephant Census reveals disastrous elephant losses in just 7 years.  If you only read one thing about the elephant crisis, this is it.  Enough said. 


One Step Forward - 2 Steps Back

This thoughtful piece in The Economist was upbeat – suggesting that poaching was down and that elephant numbers were recovering.  But that was before the Great Elephant Census came out.

What’s it like to live near elephants ?

The gripping start of this article helps explain why communities living near elephant habitats are not always interested in protecting them. 



A short history of the ‘ivory problem’ 

This book review doubles as a great summary showing the scope and complexity of the challenges in breaking the ivory trade and protecting the elephants.

The Born Free Foundation (yes, Elsa and the baby lions) offers an equally troubling summary of  the crisis.


Blood Ivory: 

Ivory trafficking finances some of the world’s bloodiest extremists and worst conflicts in the world. Ivory poachers aren't poor locals trying to make ends meet. They are heavily armed criminal syndicates and militias.  

Here’s a depressing piece about Joseph Kony and his LRA surviving on ivory sales.  

And a NatGeo report here.  

Here is an investigative report of how Al-Shabaab finances itself through ivory trafficking.

Finally, here is an excerpt from the 2016 report of the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of Congo providing granular detail about poaching and how armed groups profit in the war-torn Great Lakes region.

Antique dealer in NYC busted selling animal ivory as 'mammoth' tusks.  

This piece highlights the importance of enforcing anti-ivory laws once they are on the books.  It reminds us that traffickers aren't just in Asia or Africa, but are in the heart of western cities as well.  And it demonstrates the risks of the 'mammoth' loophole.

Its Complicated

Working closely with top conservation organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Clinton Global Initiative has made a priority commitment to fighting the ivory trade.  This article explains why stopping the whole murderous business is so complex.

A Roundup of National and International initiatives

CITES: In September 2016, the CITES Conference of the Parties (equivalent of its 'General Assembly') will confront a broad range of wildlife protection initiatives, including how to deal with the elephant crisis.

Conservation leaders applaud as US shuts down interstate trade in ivory.  

EU opposes Ivory Ban

PRC:  Point 4 of this communique announces PRC’s intention to ban ivory trade.  We really just liked the idea of including a White House document on our site.  

Singapore seizes and destroys ivory, but there are concerns it is becoming a major smuggling hub.

HK to ban ivory … sometime soon.    

KnotOnMyPlanet:  Here’s the backstory on the biggest new anti-ivory campaign around. 
Maybe NiNi’s slogan should be – Nut Ivory is KNot Ivory ? 

Still, King Leopold’s Ghost

EU lags in elephant protection and hosts the world's largest legal ivory trade.


Selected updates on enforcement, interdiction and ‘ivory crushes’

Italy's first ivory crush

Ivory seizure in DRC

Ivory 'queen' in court for smuggling

Celebrities join in Kenya's record breaking ivory burn

Hong Kong ivory burn

There are (at least) two sides to every story

Namibia and Zimbabwe take a different approach and propose legalization of ivory trade. 

They don’t want to destroy ivory stocks, but to sell them into the market. 


Don’t be Naïve

When all that is really needed is a locally issued ‘certificate’, laundering animal ivory through ‘blending’ is big business.  This is why all ivory should be shunned, including ‘antique’, ‘trophy’ and ‘mammoth’.