Keep your eye on the forest ... and on the trees:  Nut Ivory is the fruit of the Phytelephas Aequatorialis, the South American Elephant Palm.  Couleurs de Geraldine calls this marvelous material 'Nuvory' and features it in the Prima Amore, In Vogue, Wings and Hidden Treasures collections.  In addition to being an all-natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal ivory, Nuvory also happens to be very beautiful  Photo by efivory.


As part of its efforts to help protect elephants and to eliminate animal ivory from jewelry, fashion and luxury goods, Couleurs de Géraldine proudly features Nuvory in its earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.  The use of Nuvory in jewelry, fashion and fine art can help:

  • to save elephants

  • to preserve South American forests  

  • to provide income to local communities

  • to support artisans preserving traditional crafts


Natural, Sustainable, Compassionate ... and Beautiful

Nuvory grows naturally on a palm tree found in the rainforests of Ecuador, Colombia and northwestern Brazil.  The Elephant Palm (no joke … that’s its scientific name) grows wild and its fruit - Nut Ivory - is harvested without any harm to the trees or to the ecosystem.  Once dried, the nuts are denser than wood, but not quite as hard as stone. ... Sort of like ivory.  They can then be cut, carved, dyed a variety of colors and polished. CdG has found the result to be a perfect material for its jewelry and works of wearable art. 

Nuvory and animal ivory are confusingly similar in color, appearance and feel.  Both are completely natural and come from an exotic species which is critical to its ecosystem. But unlike elephants, palm trees don’t die when Nuvory is harvested.  Beyond that fact, some other noteworthy distinctions are size (if an object is bigger than a tennis ball, it’s not made from Nuvory), grain (Nuvory does not have the same fine lines as animal ivory) and coloring (Nuvory is more versatile than ivory as it can be dyed to produce a range of colors).  Because Nuvory and animal ivory appear so similar to the untrained eye, purchasers of CdG jewelry receive a Certificate of Authenticity and a wallet sized ‘NiNi card’ identifying the materials in the work and confirming that there is no animal ivory in the work - only Nuvory.  Despite all the physical and aesthetic similarities:  Nut Ivory is NOT Ivory.  

Couleurs de Geraldine - CdG

CdG features Nuvory in 4 collections