NiNi's main goal is to help elephants.   We do that by working in conservation, education and advocacy, as do many other groups.  But the really unique thing about NiNi – the piece which differentiates it from the many other dedicated individuals and excellent organizations working on elephant protection – is ‘substitution’.  By offering a perfect alternative for animal ivory in fashion and luxury brands, NiNi aims to help reduce demand for objects made from elephant tusks.  It seems pretty basic that if we can somehow reduce demand for ivory, fewer elephants will be killed for their teeth.  

When we started working with nut ivory, we were so happy to discover it was a perfect substitute for animal ivory.  And then we realized in addition to making beautiful jewelry, Nuvory could also help protect elephants, save rain forests, develop local communities and support traditional artisans.  This amazing natural material creates positive outcomes in so many ways.  Our belief that we may ‘really be onto something’ with Nuvory is an important motivation behind NiNi. 

In this day and age … there is no excuse for using animal ivory of any kind (and that includes mammoth, antiques and trophies).  This is especially true when there is a natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative.   We want everyone to know that if they somehow feel they need a souvenir or a chess set, a comb or a pair of earrings made from elephant tusks, they have a choice.  Whether it is jewelry, fine art, luxury goods or trinkets … save the elephant, buy Nuvory.  

Couleurs de Géraldine features Nuvory several of its core collections:  In Vogue, Wings, Primo Amore and Hidden Treasures.  And reinforcing her support for the campaign, Géraldine has created a capsule collection dedicated to NiNi.  Sneak a peek at the NiNi lookbook here and see all of CdG's works with Nuvory here.


The NiNi Collection - by Couleurs de Géraldine  

NiNi choker and bracelet
NiNi choker #ChokeTheIvoryTrade