"Couleurs de Geraldine is the first high-end jewelry house to use Nuvory as an alternative to ivory.  We encourage other luxury brands to follow suit.  In this day and age, there is no excuse for using animal ivory."  
 Geraldine van Amerom

NiNi has Four Main Components

  • Promote Nuvory: This natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal tusks can help curb demand for ivory 

  • Support conservation: Assist community groups, conservation and anti-poaching organizations working to protect elephants and preserve their habitats

  • Engage in advocacy: Encourage opinion and style leaders to work to eliminate animal ivory trade

  • Promote consumer education: Better inform consumers worldwide about the murderous impact of using animal ivory


As part of NiNi, CdG will donate 10% of profits on sales of Nuvory jewelry to groups working to protect elephants and their habitats. And aware that local communities must experience concrete benefits to recognize the value of elephants and to support conservation efforts, NiNi will work to promote ‘elephant tourism’.


NiNi Ambassadors - influencers and leaders in style, fashion, politics and culture – will join the campaign in order to spread the truth about the bloody ivory trade. And as the first high-end jewelry brand to use this alternative to animal ivory, CdG hopes to influence other fashion houses to follow suit.  


NiNi wants everyone to know that there is a compassionate, sustainable alternative to animal ivory. With Nuvory providing a beautiful and totally natural substitute for elephant tusks, there are no excuses for using animal ivory in jewelry, fashion or luxury brands.  Remember, the most beautiful ivory grows on trees !


NiNi believes that informing consumers worldwide of the realities of the ivory trade will have a major impact in curbing the demand for ivory.  NiNi trusts that the market will dry up if the whole world knows that elephants are slaughtered for trinkets and objets d’art.